Covid -19 Anxiety

Change is never comfortable and creates a sense of uneasiness and distress. The coronavirus outbreak has become the latest, one of the biggest threats to mankind across the globe. One of the major changes that these cautionary procedures have brought is the- “Lockdown”. It’s not only affecting individuals but also societies as a whole.

The prevalent situation is sprouting major emotional and psychological challenges among people. These emerging challenges are such-

  • Social Isolation: While for some people it can be a blessing in disguise, a chance to spend more time with oneself, it can be a seriously painful situation for some. People who are stuck in different cities/countries, away from their homes, can be in extreme distress due to loneliness, and anxious about their loved ones during this pandemic outbreak. On the other hand, individuals are stuck at home, inside their 4 walls, with their routine professional lives at a halt are experiencing anxiety as well.
  • Burdened with more responsibility: With lesser help available, it is truly difficult to manage everything around and being bombarded with a set of all responsibilities of work, home, and kids at the same time. Kids can become extremely restless and feel bored if not engaged effectively. It can be difficult to help them understand the gravity of the situation and keep them occupied so that they don’t feel low and dejected.
  • Emotional triggers: It becomes important to understand and also acknowledge that some of us are stuck at home with strained relationships, discorded bonds and distanced interactions with partners or/and families. This can spiral up a lot of emotional overwhelm and can give rise to both external and internal conflict & chaos.
  • Health Anxiety: For people with anxieties, prominently health anxieties, claustrophobia, depression, OCD- the present scenarios can create a lot of panic in them and can lead them to feel helpless, frustrated and in despair. It could also instill a sense of fear for their loved one's health & safety.
  • Uncertainty: "When will this be over? When can I resume my normal routine?" Uncertainty can fuel a lot of anxiety & panic as it makes people feel in less control of their life.

What can you do to overcome these challenges?

  • Follow a routine and engage in recreational activities to help you have a more structured day and feel productive throughout. It will also help to keep your mind distracted and occupied elsewhere in a situation of crisis. You can resume a hobby, call up a distant friend, do video group calls to feel close to your loved ones.
  • Take up an activity that involves all your family members to engage with each other. Turn house-hold responsibilities into a family-engagement.
  • For individuals who find their solace with space and distance in their relationships, this can be a challenging situation for them. To overcome this, establish personal boundaries. Prioritize your self-time to help rejuvenate yourself so that you can connect better with your partners and family members.
  • Manage anxiety by fact-checking and reminding yourself of things you can control.
  • You can seek online professional assistance to help you overcome personal challenges.

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