Stress and Anxiety counselling

Anxiety Counseling

What we often feel but rarely share!

  •    Feeling lonely in a crowd or presence of unfamiliar people?
  •    Not accepted for who you are?
  •    Purpose and passion are hard to figure?
  •    Fear of failure is holding you back?
  •    How to deal with discrimination?

Depression & Tension   Depression & Tension

Tension or Stress is the natural response of the body to any form of discomforting event that we might endure. It can be positive that is Eustress and help us in giving our optimal performance or it can be negative i.e. Distress and have deleterious impact on various domains of our life.

Pursuit of Happiness   Pursuit of Happiness

Everyone wishes to be happy but in this quick fix, fast paced world it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be truly content. While we assume that happiness depends on external factors, it actually has a lot to do with our attitude and perspective. We all deserve to experience genuine happiness and can easily do so.

Loneliness   Loneliness

We don’t have to be alone to feel lonely. While solitude is soulful, loneliness can be painful. Loneliness is as much a state of mind as it may be a reality and we are here to talk and help. Finding new interests, pursuing passion, building strong relationships can be some steps towards countering loneliness.

Discrimination & Racism   Discrimination & Racism

We all deserve to be treated fairly and equally. It’s human to want to have a sense of belongingness, to want to fit in and to want to be accepted for who we are. As we evolve at a society level we will face discrimination in some or the other form, be it Cast, Color, Gender, Economic Status etc. but we can all learn to deal with it and not let it affect our happiness.

Financial Stress   Financial Stress

Financial stress affects more than our wallet as it is linked to sleep problems, anxiety and a variety of undesirable emotions.The uncertainty of the future keeps us in an infinite loop of stress and anxiety that gives us sleepless nights. In such a situation, let us focus on what can be done rather than what cannot be. Only a healthy mind can generate a healthy solution.

Perfectionism   Perfectionism

Everyone strives for perfection but if taken to an extreme, it could do more harm than good when we set unrealistic goals and are unable to achieve them. This may also affect our view of others and we may find our interaction and relationships dissatisfying. Positive aspects of perfectionism can be channeled to provide driving energy for great achievement.

Social Anxiety   Social Anxiety

Most of us feel nervous being in a situation where we may be evaluated by others. This could be on a stage, in a party, at a conference, in school, college or workplace. Social anxiety is very common and can be overcome. Making a connection between our thinking and feeling, practicing calming techniques and facing our fear can help one significantly.

General Anxiety   General Anxiety

“Anxiety is repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance” –Seth Godin. When we are unsure how to stop the worry cycle and feel it is beyond our control, even though we usually realize that our anxiety is more intense than the situation warrants, it can hamper various aspects of our life such as work, relationships etc .Adopting a more positive attitude can improve the quality of our life.

  Identity Crisis

As humans, we all experience phases of uncertainty that may lead us to question our role in society, which in turn makes us feel insecure and confused at times. What you must know is that, by identifying your strengths and potentials you will always succeed in finding yourself all over again.

Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes out today’s peace. We are faced with numerous worries on a daily basis in the various domains of our life- be it our home, workplace or social life. Anything from loss of a job, chaotic home life, bills to pay, health worries can cause stress.

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