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Marriage is a big change in a woman's life as they have to adjust in a completely new family and take many new responsibilities. These responsibilities could be anticipated ones or some which are entirely unlooked for which become redundant with a course of time depending on the level of comfort and acceptance they have towards these duties. And for some working women getting married is added pressure from family and society with raising doubts whether they will get a life partner suitable match or not if they do not get married at the culturally adapted right age range, whether the new family would accept them in some ways if not entirely which are essentially required from one's family just the way it was before the woman gets married and whether they have to leave their jobs which they had achieved after all the education they had which is quite similar to their male counterparts in order to get ready for the upcoming inherently assigned job of looking after the house and the family post their marriage. There could various kinds of pressure associated with it, like appropriate age (biological clock), giving up on career, relocation, etc. which also raise a lot of questions in one's head about all the things that she had aspired to become, all the time invested on education and the question that a woman also has been answering in the class ever since she was a little girl about "what she wants to be when she grows up?" When these changes that are anticipated actually happen for real, the whole life suddenly starts appearing paradoxical and unfair that could be taken forward if not stopped from the very moment it creates doubts.
Through understanding and communication we are able to find some common grounds and create amicable atmosphere around us.