Let’s celebrate our strongest pillars of strength- Fathers!

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We love them, we hate them, and we can’t live without them, but how often do we think about them? Becoming a parent is looked at as a major milestone in a mother’s life, but what about the dad’s? Quite often we overlook the mental, physical and emotional support they require with the onset of fatherhood, and the associated changes with a new dad’s mood and behavior. As the years progress and so does their responsibility, father’s go through the immense pressure of parenthood alongside their work, relationship and family stress, all without a single complain, or maybe a few… but who’s listening anyway?

A recent study estimated that 10 percent of all new dads experience Paternal Postnatal Depression. The symptoms could be- Irritability, self-loathing, “feeling a loss of control”, unable to manage work and home, withdrawing from parenting, and anger. It is worst in first three months of birth.

Also, In one study, having a partner experiencing postpartum depression increased the likelihood of PPD in fathers by as much as 2.5 times.

Sounds like a whole lot of trouble all at once, without anyone to acknowledge it and asking to man it up all! Well, not until now. Time has come when we stop to take a moment and profess to all the dad’s in our life a big THANK YOU.

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