Introducing Our First Self-Help Book

Broken A Health & Wellness Book By BetterLYF

"She had become so cold overnight, I couldn't believe she wasn't coming back this time. I didn't know what to do, what to say to make things okay anymore. If only I could say the right things maybe Preeti would have stayed."

"I have since the break up started to think who I really am? I miss my previous self. The one that knew she is independent, strong, mature and knew the difference between right and wrong. I have turned out to be an embarrassment to myself."

Why do breakups shake up the lives of some, whereas few can pick up their lives and move on? How does one navigate from a breakdown to a breakthrough?

With this book, we bring you several real stories. Few are a reflection of first-hand or vicarious experiences, others are inspired by break up cases helped by the counsellors at BetterLYF.

We have made an attempt to simplify the basic concepts of Psychology as well as Therapy. Each chapter pertains to various stages, situations, and emotions involved in moving on from a breakup.

We intend to bring you the understanding of failure in relationships in various contexts, it's the impact in one's life and the probable causes of choosing one coping response from another and way of combating the associated emotions that heartbreak brings in.

Broken; Inspired By Unadulterated Life Kindle Edition

Published by: Betterlyf
Format: Kindle Edition
Language: English
Buy the Book: Amazon

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