Counsellor Akshita

(Masters in Counselling Psychology)

"The Comeback is Always Stronger than the Setback"

Over 1626 Happy Clients


A compassionate and empathetic approach for understanding the persons present situation and using eclectic aids consisting of Positive Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Humanistic Approach and various Integrative Therapies to help the person deal with their emotions holistically by building Self-Awareness.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counselling gives a safe and secure platform to confront ones fears and convert their mental blocks into building blocks. It doesn't involve any judgments, but respect and acceptance to every individual - as the way they are. I believe that, counselling helps one gain control of their feelings and most importantly understand the "whats" and the "whys" of ones psyche. This helps an individual to be better equipped with the coping mechanism while dealing with tough situations. Through proper counselling one can work on a long term solution towards attaining better mental health- making oneself stronger and self- aware.

This might not necessarily mean the end of all the suffering, but counselling most definitely provides the means to come back to one's natural state - the state of light-heartedness, positivity and blissfulness, as that of a child's.

Why I Chose Counseling?

My curiosity to understand what goes on within - what consists of a human nature, how they function and behave and what are the reasons behind it - lead me on my journey to study psychology in depth. And since then there has been no turning back.

I was, what most parenting books would call, a "rebellious" child. Like everyone, having faced a number of tough experiences with my school life, peers and family conflicts, self-image and personality, I started questioning as to why can't I be happy like others are and be stress-free. My journey in real had started when I changed perspectives and became an observer of my own being than a victim of my surroundings. That's when I realized, physical ailments can cause discomfort or pain, but mental ailments can cause destruction much bigger than our comprehension. It can hinder our ability to act, judge or think rationally and therefore making an individual feel more and more distressed and confused. It's a vicious cycle that one may find oneself into.

As I started learning and deciphering psychology during my course of study, I realised that mental health is as important and necessary as your physical health. I envision being the counsellor I never had. At times, proving our worth in this competitive world we forget to be kind and compassionate to our own selves. It is completely normal to seek help when we find ourselves in tough situations and need help to process what's going on within. Only then will we be able to understand the external issues and deal with the problems head on.

I have committed my life to see people walk away feeling lighter, freer and excited to live their own personal journey after healing and dealing their mental blocks through self-awareness, self-reliance and most important acceptability and appreciation. As the famous saying goes - "It's all in the head" - it really is. There is nothing better than seeing a human being alleviated from emotional, psychological, spiritual or relational pain.

Therapy Style

My style of therapy is based on the individual needs and conflict, as every individual being different and has a different style of seeing a challenge or conflict. I keep my style very flexible and therapeutic while counselling so that I and the person whom I am counselling, are on the same page. While giving therapy I make sure that I keep it as simple and affective as possible so that we can mutually work on it along with better understanding. All my styles are based on the principles of standard ethics of counselling, empathy, non-judgment, objectivity and mutual understanding and working as a team.

Concerns Close To My Heart

I feel that all concerns that any individual would have are in a way important for them to deal with and get past it.

The concerns close to my heart would be anything that is costing the individual his or her peace. Any concern that is causing distress to a level that s/he no more can suffer it alone, is where I am happy to intervene and counsel.

I strongly believe that a good life is a process and not a state of being.

How I Handle Stress

I handle stress by not holding back rather letting all my emotions out in a healthy manner, so that I can deal with them and understand the reason that is causing me stress and negativity. This gives me my space to understand the situation better and find ways to cope with a tough situation. I practise self-care and good communication to better express myself. I have made it a habit to write my journal every day before sleep. The journal where I jot down everything helps me better analyse my emotions and situations.

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