M.A in Applied Psychology (Specialization in Counselling Psychology)




"That which does not kill me makes me stronger"- Victor E. Frankl


I am a believer of an eclectic approach with a blend of several theories from different schools of counselling. I believe that each person is unique with their needs. My interventions and approach are designed to fit with the needs of the client. I prefer adapting my techniques as per the requirement of the client. The aim of this blend is to guide the client to explore their potential, develop self-awareness, adapt and be the better version of self.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counselling is for anyone who seeks to understand themselves better for living a healthier life. One of the intriguing facts of counselling is how it chooses to understand a situation without an unbiased opinion and provides a journey of recognising one's own self. Counselling is the process which can enable a person to bring out their best resources with themselves which helps in developing the positive traits as well as accepting the weakness. Counsellor is the professional who provides guidance in the journey of self-exploration.

Why I Chose Counseling?

Humans in their life go through an emotional roller coaster. It is natural to wish for someone to confide, guide along the way. Often there are times when we cannot share our deepest vulnerabilities and do not know what to do with it. Facing some similar problems, I have chosen this profession to give all my ear for someone in need and hope to provide comfort in their distress. Situations will not be favourable to us every time, and it is okay to feel whirlpools and tornadoes of emotion. It is at this time when we start questioning our existence, meaning of life and our purpose. I had the chance to see some of my close people recovering from these phases through counselling, at that time I realised its power which deepened my passion and brought me here today.

Therapy Style

I aim to develop a mutual relationship of trust and respect with my clients first before talking about deeply rooted issues, comfort and safe space is must to explore one’s concerns. My style is an amalgamation of the different traits of each school of counselling which provides a holistic model of therapy according to the concern of the client. I believe in walking with the client to explore the causes of the problem. Each school has their own contribution for understanding the concerns of the client. I use a Cognitive Behavioural model for understanding the perception of the individual. I assess the capacity of individuals, their aspirations and acknowledge their limitations through the Existential model. With these understanding therapeutic goals are formulated analysing the concern of the client from different frames of references.

Concerns Close To My Heart

As a counsellor, I prioritise any concern that is brought up by the client. I believe that every individual has their own concerns which have its own impact on them. Though I have an inclination towards interpersonal relationships, breakup, trauma, stress, anxiety, every concern I believe has to be attended with the same gravity.

How I Handle Stress

Art has mollycoddled me in different forms, be it painting, dancing or singing during my uneasy phases of life. During tough times, one of these forms has helped me release the discomfort within me. I also engage myself in journaling which helps me figure out the situations and work accordingly. Lastly, playing with animals and birds rejuvenates me instantly.

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