Anushtha Mishra

Anushtha Mishra

MSc. Counseling Psychology



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"We are products of our past but we don't have to be prisoners of it"- Rick Warren


I predominantly use Gestalt therapy along with strength focussed therapy. However, I believe in employing a comprehensive approach including person-centered, narrative, existential, Cognitive-behavioral, and rational emotive behavioral therapy. The basic essence of my approach is to create awareness and help in building the requisite skills and tools for the client to effectively deal with their challenges.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counseling is a dynamic process that involves elements of awareness and action towards the knowledge gained through this process. I believe counseling is a very empowering process where an individual can connect with themselves deeply and heal the wounds of inside.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I have seen people close to me suffer silently from mental health concerns and I have seen them struggle to find effective help. I have also witnessed that once they got the right help, they showed tremendous growth. Witnessing it, I wanted to be of some help for those who struggle to find a safe space that once my dear ones had a hard time looking for.

Therapy Style

Although I take a very integrative approach in my therapy sessions, I am highly fond of gestalt therapy. Gestalt therapy works along with the idiosyncrasies of every individual and focuses on the person and the uniqueness of their experience. I believe that the client is not a passive participator in therapy but an active collaborator. And Gestalt therapyís goal is for the client to collaborate with the therapist to increase personal awareness and actively challenge the roadblocks that have been getting in the ways of healing until now.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Depression and anxiety are close concerns for me. I have seen my close ones battle from these and the loop feels strong but with the right help, I have also seen them get past it and flourish in life. I want to help people do that. Witnessing these mental issues on such a personal level gives me a whole different and intimate perspective on depression and anxiety.

How I Handle Stress

I believe a lot in self-care and try to take time out for just myself every day. Self-care for me looks different every day, for example, it might be going for a karaoke one day, and the next day it might be spending some time taking complete rest, both mentally and physically. The habit of self-care really minimizes my stress levels. Whenever I am stressed, I do things that make me happy but I donít necessarily wait to be stressed to do them either. And also, Icecream!

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