M.A. Clinical Psychology




True test of character is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we do not know what to do. -John Holt


I believe that of every mind has a unique construct, that is precisely why two people react to a situation in two different ways. I prefer in keeping an eclectic therapy approach, flexible and multifaceted. A blend of different therapeutic techniques which include Person-entered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy and others help me understand the issues faced by the client better.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counseling is all about becoming more self-aware, realising one’s own emotions, getting to know oneself better, and helping oneself elevate their standard of living and grow as a person. Counseling is like a guiding light at the end of a tunnel that one has been traveling through.

Why I Chose Counseling?

Right from my adolescence, my curiosity towards human mind and why it does what it does had developed. I believed that our behaviour is a consequence of our thought process and if we are able to bring about a change in the thought process, we can bring changes in our behaviour and our emotions associated with it. This helped me understand my emotions and my behaviours much better than I previously did.

Therapy Style

Well begun is half done. A trustworthy relationship between the client and the therapist is of utmost importance for the clients’ wellbeing and growth. When I give them the space to share their thoughts and emotions without any hindrances, they feel heard and that the therapist I interested in solving their issues.

Concerns Close To My Heart

I believe no concern deserves ignorance and that every concern needs to be addressed before they become too big to handle. However, I primarily deal with concerns related to, relationships, anxiety issues, and work stress.

How I Handle Stress

The ways in which I handle stress are:
  • Poetry. I write poems to feel calm, composed and collected. It helps me introspect and give me a space to let my emotions flow without fearing any sort of judgements.
  • Photography. I take my camera and shoot; it gives me a sense of different perspectives towards everything. It also helps me develop patience as we need to keep clicking till we get that perfect shot.
  • Cricket. I like playing cricket, even if it means I am alone swinging my bat in the air, it gives me a sense of relaxation, it channels my energy. I even watch old cricket matches.

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