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All companionship can consist only in the strengthening of two neighbouring solitudes


I use psychodynamic, emotion-focused and existential approach in my work.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

In our lives, we face many difficult situations, and have our own ways of coping, which have been with us through our formative years. They work for us sometimes, but there could be situations in our lives where we stumble slightly. We need hand holding. Counselling helps us understand why we react in a particular way to certain challenges, and helps us take a breather, and go head on with life's ups and downs.

Why I Chose Counseling?

We are living in rather peculiar times, where the contemporary discourse also allows for a laterally diverse set of challenges. While so many people deal with emotional setbacks, they feel they are alone in it, and it is so difficult to imagine someone would be able to understand. I have a keen interest in listening to feelings that often get hidden due shame, and embarrassment. So I have an open-door policy to discussing all challenging feelings and letting your true narrative out.

Therapy Style

We all have life histories behind us. In our journeys we found some hurdles and coped the best we could with them at that time. In my work, I like to understand what kind of thoughts and feelings are churned in the face of challenges, and what one is really feeling. For me, having a genuine interest and curiosity about the clients goes a long way. Therefore, I believe in in-depth work and working with emotions.

Concerns Close To My Heart

I feel adolescence is a very confusing time. It takes a lot to figure out what you want to be, how you want to be with your friends, what are relationships and how to work through them. We carry some of these confusions to our later life. So I hold adolescent concerns very close to my heart, owing to the sensitivity of this stage. I also like to work with experiences of marginalization, and with emotions not easily acceptable to the mainstream narrative.

How I Handle Stress

I am an exercise junkie, so I shake it off, by either running, walking or dancing. Yoga is a great way to beat stress too. I also love stories, so I sit back and watch a good film, or read a book to take inspiration from my favourite characters, and take my mind off the stress for a bit.

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