M.A Applied Psychology-Specialisation in Clinical (TISS)




Help has its forms. Mine is less tangible, more kindness


My eclectic style of approach cater to different issues and are very much tailor-made for every client’s subjective needs. Solution focused approach to therapy is another helpful style that I use where along with the client and their needs, quick resolution is aimed and worked for. Cognitive-behaviour therapy is another approach that focuses on the negative thinking patterns of an individual and helping them analyse

Her Thoughts on Counseling

According to me, counselling is an undiscovered path which leads to a beautiful destination, because sometimes the road less travelled is the road most feared. But I shall say, once the path is rediscovered there's no greater pleasure in life. In shorter words one could say, counselling is a way to rediscover self.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I rediscovered my own self through Counselling, with lots of learning and unlearning. It helped me understand how we are surrounded by numerous perspectives around us. It requires lots of patience and lots of listening. Listening to the said words, and even the unsaid words at times. I understood how that provided emotional strength and support to people around me. Entering the field of Psychology helped me refine the skill and knowledge and understanding things from a scientific point of view which gives me the confidence to apply the skills to individuals who seem lost within themselves.

Therapy Style

I believe an individual to be the centre of the ripple. It is through us the ripples around us are formed, spreading to the circle of people in our lives. Working on the self, therefore, helps one not just understand the thoughts within the self, but also help one maintain the relationships around them.
My sessions provide a safe space for the client to vent and feel better, helping them to acknowledge their emotions, feelings and vulnerabilities. I help the individual nurture their feelings and develop an insight about self along with helping in managing and channelling the different emotions.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Finding oneself is vital for me. I believe the process of finding oneself also helps in knowing what we want in life and help us achieve happiness a little more every day. A sense of gratitude is a beautiful feeling. Helping the clients discover that, would be leading them to the path of happiness.

How I Handle Stress

My own way of dealing with my stress is reading books and taking a walk alone under the night sky. It always helps me clear my mind, and tire my body, and gives me good night sleep. Few customary practices like listening to audiobooks or music before sleeping and journaling helps me stay in touch with my emotions.

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