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Living in the Present


I use Egans and Rogerian Models of Counselling along with the concepts of Transactional Analysis.

His Thoughts on Counseling

Counselling is the process of problem solving in the here and now which helps in becoming aware of the factors such as thoughts, feelings and behaviour governing our interaction with the environment.

Why I Chose Counseling?

My quest towards understanding the purpose and meaning of emotions has helped me understand the appropriateness of every bit of it and how it can be used in effective problem-solving. I believe in helping clients mobilize their inner resources to unleash their best potential and achieve the best outcomes.

Therapy Style

Therapy helps in improving ones quality of life. I focus on helping clients to become aware of their dysfunctional coping strategies towards their environment and help them in developing effective coping mechanism that supports them in continuous growth.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Exercising Ethical standards and acknowledging the value in every individual are the concerns I always have a check on.

How I Handle Stress

During times of stress, I allow myself to experience the turbulent emotions which helps me to understand the cause and act on it. When identifying the cause becomes challenging I reach out for help from an expert.

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