M.A. in Applied Psychology (Specialization in Clinical Psychology) & PGDGC




"The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change."- Carl Rogers


I believe that there is no one perfect approach which will work with every person as psychology focuses on the uniqueness of each individual. Therefore, different approaches have to be amalgamated to find the most suitable way to help a client. According to me, It should be tailor-made hence, for me, an eclectic approach is the way to go about it.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Therapy, for me, can be helpful for every person as each one of us may be battling with something or the other and therapy helps us gain an insight into our perception of the problems. Even if there’s no issue to be resolved, therapy increases our self awareness and heals the different parts of us which sometimes we might not even know existed but were greatly impacting our overall well-being. We should start treating therapy as a form of self-care. The way we go for regular body check ups we should consider therapy as a form of a check up but for the mind. Counseling is not needed only when the situation gets out of hand but it can be a protective measure against daily life hassles.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I always wanted a career where I could directly interact with people and somehow make a difference in their lives which is why before choosing counselling, I was considering either becoming a teacher or a doctor. I finally decided to go with Psychology as it’s still an underrated field but it’s just as important as any other field which hopes to make people’s lives better. By counselling people, I feel I’m doing something close enough to my purpose in life. With every person whose life gets touched by the therapy process, I feel fulfilled. I’m not the only one helping my clients but they’re helping me just as much by being brave enough to come for counselling and helping in removing the stigma attached to it, by trusting me with their problems and concerns and for wanting to get better.

Therapy Style

There are some therapy styles which I personally prefer due to various reasons such as Person Centred therapy, for me, any sort of therapy is incomplete without incorporating the principles of this approach particularly empathy. Gestalt therapy has some intriguing techniques, the Adlerian approach with its encouragement-focused counselling relationship is something which I like to incorporate in my sessions along with the tenets of Positive Psychology. Lastly, CBT with its focus on our thoughts, behaviour and feelings and the relationship between the three is something which should not be ignored.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Some of the areas that I am interested in are self-esteem and self-confidence issues, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-acceptance issues, stress-related issues, irrational thinking and beliefs. Self-love is another area that I’d like everybody to make progress in.

How I Handle Stress

Whenever I experience distress I try talking to a friend or I watch something light and funny. I also prefer to engage in spiritual practises to make myself feel peaceful. I like listening to the different sounds of nature. Guided imagery, yoga, painting, and deep breathing are some other techniques which I use to calm myself down.

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