MSc Clinical Psychology




"Nothing holds us back than our own mindset, so never regret for the chance you did not take."


Schools of thoughts I follow in therapy are humanistic, behavioural and psychodynamic. I use a blend of cognitive behaviour therapy, behaviour modifications techniques, rational emotive behaviour therapy, insight oriented therapy, mindfulness, relational approaches and eclectic approach.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Over the years and with experience in this field what I have learnt is that therapy is not just for people suffering from mental illness, because at some point in life all of us are vulnerable and face some issues which may be tough to deal with. Hence seeking help and looking for a safe non judgment space to explore our thoughts and emotions are very essential part of personal growth. Healing only does good to us to understand self better, so we don't have to wait for an issue to crop up, but a timely check in with self and see where we are heading and if there is something to be worked on or needs healing, definitely reaching out to a professional is the right direction.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I can't imagine myself being anything else apart from a therapist, because the opportunity to be part of an individual's self understanding and healing journey is very gratifying. I initially chose psychology with an intention to understand human behaviour and the personality, but the insights it gave me drove me into this passionate journey about self discovery and healing which helped me in many remarkable ways. Therefore being a therapist is definitely one of the ways to help people in their healing journey.

Therapy Style

Every client is unique and different in their perspectives and beliefs. So I mainly focus on and incorporate the client centred approach in helping them understand their blocks and challenges that affect their functioning, I also use the transactional analysis framework, wherein the transactions are analysed to determine the ego states of the communicator as a basis for understanding behaviours. Therefore a deeper understanding of the personality and behaviours allow one to improve communications and the relationship with self and others.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Working with childhood trauma, the attachment patterns, understanding the relationship blocks, mood disorders, loneliness and parenting are some of the key concerns close to my heart.

How I Handle Stress

Am a mindfulness practitioner and its part of my everyday routine. Journaling the thoughts and reflecting over it has also been one of my primary ways of de-stressing. I believe in "therapists need therapy too", so having said that I see a therapist when in need to vent as by taking care of my own mental health, I feel much more attuned to my client's needs, and help me do the best work there.

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