MA (Clinical) Psychology




“The sole purpose of human experience is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” -Carl Jung


I blend counselling techniques like I would blend colours to create a well-suited therapeutic journey for the client, dwelling deeper to reach the unconscious for a holistic understanding. I take an eclectic and client-centred approach comprising Solution Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Rogerian Therapy.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counselling is a journey of finding the most efficient ways of coping amidst the chaos. It helps the person gain self-awareness and build insight. It equips individuals to find their strengths and resources to deal with their circumstances. It helps to look at the problems more realistically and open new pathways to help individuals realize their full potential.

Why I Chose Counseling?

The reason I chose counselling is because I firmly believe every individual is capable of becoming their own superheroes. I feel that counselling can help a person build a wider perspective to view problems and gauge their inner resources accordingly.

Therapy Style

My therapeutic style is client-centric as I believe every individual has a unique concern which will involve tailoring therapeutic techniques to cater to their specific needs and concerns. I use Solution Focussed Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and insight building where clients can get the full picture of the problem and design their creative solutions.

Concerns Close To My Heart

All concerns are equally important to me. However, I am more inclined toward helping individuals dealing with emotional regulation, work stress/burnout, confidence, anxiety, and parental issues.

How I Handle Stress

My way of dealing with stress is to understand how much control I have over the situation and to brainstorm for possible solutions. Other ways include painting, watching superhero movies and reading.

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