M.Sc Counselling Psychology




Being able to think and feel positive strengthens your immunity system.


Every mind is a unique combination of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. I believe the needs of every human being is different, and imposing one common formula of therapy would be unjust in ensuring their mental wellbeing. Understanding that the ultimate goal of therapy is developing and enhancing self-awareness, I use an eclectic style of counseling to bring therapeutic change, which usually includes, Gestalt Therapy, Client-centred Therapy, Principles of Positive psychology, Art therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counselling is a process to understand yourself with different perspectives, unfolding your inner strength and potentials, and helps in developing strength and courage to express fearlessly. When I am able to help someone get closer to their parents, partners, feel secure in their own company, and enable them to communicate assertively, I feel most rewarded and satisfied.

Why I Chose Counseling?

Since adolescence, I have always been curious about human behavior and relationships. I believed that changing an individual's thought process and actions accelerate the engine of change in society gradually. Psychology, personally made me accept myself without judgment and kept pushing me to improve myself at every stage of life. I knew it was my calling when I was unknowingly helping my friends and family through the principles of psychology.

Therapy Style

A solid relationship between a therapist and a client means having free-flowing emotional expressions from the client and absolute empathy from the therapist. I always facilitate channels for enabling emotional expression, because emotions govern the way we look at life. With every expression comes strength and endurance, thus pointing out the strengths and positives of any situation is my way to help the client believe in the decisions they make in any circumstance of their life.

Concerns Close To My Heart

I primarily deal with concerns related to self-esteem, motivation, improving relationships with significant others, and with oneself.

How I Handle Stress

The ways in which I handle stress are:

1. Expressing and venting to my dear ones, seeking love and warmth from them to feel comforted.

2. Journaling my feelings into words.

3. Last but not the least, I let myself paint my stress out because colours bring positive energy to me.

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