M.A. Psychology




"When you are a light to yourself you are a light to the world, because the world is you, and you are the world."; - J.Krishnamurti


I have a humanistic-existential outlook wherein I believe existence itself present certain challenges and humans essentially seek to understand who they are and thus grow. The specific approach is tailor-made according to the client’s concerns and involves ideas from CBT, SFBT and Client-Centered Therapy.

His Thoughts on Counseling

Counseling is a process of awareness and recognition wherein the client clearly sees oneself and the obstacles they face. It takes time, effort and great courage to unravel the different layers of one’s existence but anyone who is willing to navigate through this will be benefitted at the end.

Why I Chose Counseling?

This is a sincere profession which presents both the client and the counselor an opportunity to learn and experience life, from another’s point of view. It has enormous potential and is in its very essence, healing. I feel grateful that I get to experience and involve myself completely in such a revelatory process.

Therapy Style

I consider my style to be fluid, dynamic and in sync with the pace of the client. Going in with an open mind, I want to understand the experience, needs and narratives of my clients to together come up with interpretations, perspectives and solutions to help them in any way or form.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Any concern which leaves the client confused and infuses in them a burning desire to understand and know themselves and their concern better. The exact manifestation might differ and vary but what’s important is the willingness in them to change for the better.

How I Handle Stress

Nature, Meditation, Music, Walks, Family, Friends & spending time with my doggo.

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