Counselor Nandita Intro


Masters in Applied Psychology




You'll find Nandita's sessions quite lively where she puts her confrontations subtly and wonderfully. Bring her any concern and she'll crack through it! Nothing seems tough for this one, as she puts her clients at ease and is able to develop a quick rapport.


I predominantly use Solution focused approach, positive psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, and person-centered approaches.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counseling not only helps in dealing with stress, but it changes the way you view stress inducing factors and the approach towards them.

Why I Chose Counseling?

While I was growing up, my father was diagnosed with Depression, and after seeing him struggle with it, we decided to meet a clinical psychologist. Slowly the treatment and therapy began and with time I saw a change in my father. The therapist used to counsel to everyone in the family on how to deal this phase and enhance familial bond so that he feels better.

From a quiet and negative person, my father changed into positive man and it was all because of that therapist. This really inspired me to take up this field, as I experienced the change it can bring in a person's & their family's life.

Therapy Style

My favorite therapy is Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. The reason that I love this therapy is because many a times, it is a string of irrational thoughts that comes together and causes stress.

REBT helps build awareness of these stress inducing irrational thinking patterns and helps a client understand how to change them.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Concerns with negative thinking, over-thinking, lack of motivation, uncertainty, lack of confidence and parenting are some of the concerns close to my heart.

The reason that these are close to my heart is that as few of these concerns I have personally dealt with and overcame them. And few I have observed and seen my close members overcome it.

How I Handle Stress

There are various ways I deal with stress. Watching a funny video, A deep talk with close ones, Diary writing, A walk in the park, Learning something new, Reading a book, Listening to music, Dancing and Travelling.

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