Masters in Counselling Psychology




"We can grow through, What we go through"


I blend different approaches to use what is best suited for the client, in the moment. As each person is unique, a blend of approaches allows me to work with people with diverse personalities. It enables me to adapt to the client's way of communicating and connecting, to build a safe space for the client. I am comfortable with cognitive-behavioural, humanistic, solution-focused and existential approaches.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

I feel everyone, once in their life must go through the process of counseling. As counseling services not only help a person to resolve concerns at present, but also help a person to know themselves better, so that they can deal with any concerns in future as well. It is an empowering and a nourishing process.

Why I Chose Counseling?

My experiences have taught me that healing takes place, when people are given a safe space to be themselves and when they are nurtured. I have seen transformational changes in my life through such relations and I choose counseling to extend support and offer a space to heal.

Therapy Style

I like to adopt a client-centred approach to counseling as it fosters empowerment and enables the client to take charge to find his/her own answer to any concern, and I merely facilitate. I am inclined to this style because I believe we all have the potential to find our own answers, sometimes we just need a little help.

Concerns Close To My Heart

I feel that most of the mental health concerns in our life are associated with the lack of developing emotional well-being from an early age. The concern close to my heart is to foster the importance of emotional well-being among all age groups.

How I Handle Stress

  • I like to speak to someone to vent out my emotions
  • Self-introspect
  • Listen to music, paint and spend time with my plants

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