Masters in Clinical Psychology PGD in Guidance and Counseling




Shahana uses a blend of techniques in her sessions. As a therapist, she would confront you, your emotions and your patterns in the most subtle way. It helps her clients to develop a deep meaningful insight about themselves.


An Integrative or Holistic therapy Approach comprising of a blend of elements and techniques from different approaches to counseling such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Humanistic Psychology and Adlerian psychotherapy. I like to focus on the client's positive feedback of themselves.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counseling is a form of support anyone can avail to become more self aware and resilient. It helps us to understand ourselves better, develop positive traits and character strengths. I feel counseling is most fruitful when we face a challenging situation and have limited resources to cope with it. It is through counseling one can discover his or her pool of resources which are not obvious yet. Counseling can help us understand the turmoil of emotions and conflicts we feel within ourselves by providing different perspectives of the problem. This can help us adjust and adapt to different situations and phases of life. Counselor is a trained professional who is capable of understanding the client's problem from the client's perspective which the most non-judgmental stance

Why I Chose Counseling?

I believe that people are suppose to make social connections, however when faced with difficulties in social relationships they become vulnerable. Feeling weak and vulnerable they make choices that further make things difficult for them. I see counseling as a means to provide an empowering human connection which is therapeutic in nature. I always found myself to able to comfort and actively listen to others in distress. I studied psychology in my school years and my teacher told me something about counseling which gave a direction to my life. She said, "At times listening to people's concern is enough to make them feel better." Other inspirations to become a psychologist include my own personal journey during the adolescence years where I found it really difficult to talk about the things I was going through. At that time, I realized the lack of mental health awareness and resources for people in our society. I always wanted to get into medical and while during one of my psychology classes I realized I want to contribute Mental Health Space which is again part of Health and wellbeing.

Therapy Style

I follow a combination of techniques and theories in my approach to therapy. Each school of counseling has its own characteristics which can be tailored into a holistic model according to the nature and concerns of the client. During the therapy I focus on the positive aspects of the client's life, as I feel it is important for the clients to know that problem is a part of their life and there are resources stored in them to cope with the problem. I use Psychodynamic and Adlerian approach to understand the core of the concern and the underlying contributing factors. To assess the cognition and perception Cognitive Behavioral model can be incorporated in the therapy. With the understanding of the concern, its causes and impact attainable therapeutic goals can be formulated according to the needs of the client.

Concerns Close To My Heart

All kinds of concerns seem to affect people in different ways. No concern is too big that cannot be addressed nor too petty to be dismissed. I aim to help with any concerns that seems to be cause distress at an individual or relational level, with same effectiveness. I do share a connection with concerns related to loneliness, lack of social support and crisis in interpersonal relations especially in family.

How I Handle Stress

Stress is a common aspect of everyone's life. We psychologist do have our share of stress in life. My ways of dealing with stress is focusing on what I feel about the situation and explore my emotions instead of avoiding them. At times it could be really overwhelming; I feel it is okay to express your emotions. To combat stress I use mindfulness. I also practice yoga, meditation and I tend to rely on my social support at times of difficulty.

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