Masters in Clinical Psychology




When dealing with people, remember you're not dealing with creatures of logic but creatures of emotions. -Dale Carnegie


Every person is different so one approach may not be appropriate for all clients. Therefore, I follow a holistic approach of therapies comprising of Talk therapy, Cognitive behavioral therapy as it helps one replace their negative thought patterns or behaviors with ones that are more helpful and accurate. Solution focused therapy helps one look towards the solution rather than the problem, Client centered therapy, Gestalt therapy and Existential therapy.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

For me counseling is a safe space where you can share your deepest thoughts or feelings without being judged. I believe one should not wait for signs or symptoms to appear before seeking help. Instead one can seek help as soon as they feel something is wrong and feel helpless about it. Counseling not only helps you with healing but it helps you improve your self worth by making you feel important and valued regardless of whatever you are going through.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I always wanted to be that someone who could help others unload their feelings by providing them a safe ambience. And being a counselor helps me acheive this.

Therapy Style

I believe clients know themselves better hence they can find their own answers to their problems if the right therapeutic environment is provided. And that is why I follow the client centered approach to counseling as it gives power to the client by taking an active role in their treatment with the therapist being non-directive and supportive. It helps the client to express their true emotions without the fear of rejection by giving unconditional positive regard. I feel everybody has the power to deal with their problems, it's just the pain which blocks the way and we feel stuck. That is when counseling is required. Hence giving them a safe space to vent out freely is itself a therapeutic step.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Every problem a person is dealing with is important. However helping people with stress, anxiety, parental pressure, unhealthy parent child relationship, relationship with oneself and others are some of the concerns close to my heart.

How I Handle Stress

  • Delve deeper into my thoughts till their origin to understand what really made me feel this way.
  • Venting my feelings with my friends or my closed ones or communicating with the person associated with the thought.
  • Reading posts and articles about Psychology helps me feel better.

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