MA in Applied Psychology (Specialization in Clinical Psychology) from TISS




“It matters not what someone is born, but what they grow to be.” - Albus Dumbledore


I not only like to draw from various approaches to counselling like humanistic, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioural, positive psychology and existential approach, but also from several concepts of psychology and aim for an overall holistic wellbeing that can include physical health too. I believe in an amalgamation of techniques that helps the person understand the connection of their mind and body better. I naturally bring a feminist lens to view things and keep myself in check by engaging in the process of reflexivity.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

I see counselling as a journey that one decides to start when they choose to seek help for leading a better life. I view people’s decision of visiting a therapist as their ultimate act of self-care because they are seeking professional help for issues they have recognized to be debilitating in their lives. It is a commitment to self-work which is not only about how good this process makes a person feel, it is in fact a slow and long journey wherein a person gains more self- awareness and eventually finds oneself to be their own true healers. Counselling sessions are safe spaces for people to explore and express their discomforting thoughts, feelings and behaviour so that eventually they develop tools they can always fall back on.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I have always found myself to be naturally intuitive, understanding, reflective, inquisitive, observant and empathetic. People would often open up to me very easily and I feel that I would have been a lifelong secret keeper even if I was not in this profession! I find myself recognising people’s strengths quickly and take pride in having a general superpower of making people feel good about their already existing qualities. Apart from this, my studies and my own journey with counselling has helped me personally too. I have a genuine belief that people can always find ways to be better, and especially enhance the pace of that process with techniques that a counsellor uses. This is why anybody can seek counselling for self-improvement.

Therapy Style

I like to believe in people’s abilities to solve their own problems and hence my approach is client-centred wherein I wish to create a nurturing and accepting environment for the client so that they have the freedom to be themselves. My aim is to help the person understand and accept that apart from the flaws that they perceive themselves to have, they also have certain qualities and an inbuilt resilience to go through and grow through their pain. My aim also always remains to help the client understand that being human beings, nothing that they feel or think makes them “abnormal”, it only makes them human and that it is okay to not be okay.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Certain concerns close to my heart are about relationships, impact of trauma, concept of self, family concerns, and any other general life struggles.

How I Handle Stress

I derive a lot of strength and inspiration from my bonds and hence I have always found confiding in my friends and family to be of great help. Other than that, I love dancing, writing, singing, playing video games, taking a walk to think things through, engaging in self-talk/saying affirmations loudly to self and reading. Most importantly, I try to recognise how factors like proper sleep, meals, physical activity, stepping out in the sun/nature and rest can always bring a change.

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