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Shreya has expertise in clinical concerns and therapeutic interventions are on her fingertips. She's not only great at counseling her clients but also is one of the greatest mentors to reach out to when her peers go through a tough time. You will find her therapy sessions built on the pillars of compassion and objectivity.


I predominantly use Eclectic approach which comprises of Person-Centered, Emotion-Focused, Cognitive and Behavioural and Psychodynamic principles.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

I believe everyone should undergo Counseling because it helps us to view ourselves from a different perspective, unlock the unknown potential in us and helps us to liberate ourselves from our stress. It is a step to accept and improvise us for our well-being and growth.

Why I Chose Counseling?

Psychology happened to me by chance. Being a curious teenager one day when I stumbled upon an Abnormal Psychology textbook of my cousin who was in her graduation at the time, I met Psychology. It was a classic love at first sight. Adding to this, my family's empathetic environment and inquisitive nature to understand the why behind every what, completed my love story with Psychology.

Therapy Style

The important aspect in any successful therapy is understanding the person. No amount of techniques can do the magic which understanding can do. Rapport building is the most crucial aspect of my therapy. My main aim will be to provide you, "the environment to be you".

Concerns Close To My Heart

I mainly deal with concerns of self-esteem, low motivation, self-confidence, relationship problems, family issues and stress- anger management.

How I Handle Stress

The Italians call it "Dolce far Niente" which literally translates into the "Sweet art of doing nothing". Doing nothing is one of the most difficult tasks. When we are stressed we are usually in panic mode, hence in order to arm myself with my weapons to deal with a stress I practice art of doing nothing frequently. It is during the stressful time that this comes in handy to prioritize my problems and to not let my stress define me. Apart from this I am an avid series watcher anything from Mindhunter to Grace and Frankie can help me release my stress. Along with this my people around me are the best support system.

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