M.A Applied Psychology (Specialization in Clinical Psychology) P.G Diploma Expressive Arts Therapy, B.A(h) Psychology




A therapist who aims to support people through counselling, expressive arts therapy and an eclectic or multi-modal approach.


The heart of my approach is being multi-modal or eclectic. It involves understanding each client as a unique person with their own particular problems and then selecting research-based reflexive techniques from across different types of therapy in order to help a client grow in a meaningful way. I adhere largely to Expressive Arts therapy, Cognitive Behaviour therapy and Solution Focussed therapy. I believe that play, creativity and art modalities can be used to tap into the innate power for growth and healing. I aim to tailor my techniques to what is best suited for the client.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counselling is a form of treatment aimed at integrating mental and physical wellbeing. I believe the knowledge and deeper self-understanding one might gain from therapy empowers the individual to break old patterns and make new choices. One of the biggest misconceptions about therapy is that it’s only intended to treat serious clinical mental illness or to help alleviate the most severe traumas. However, the beauty of therapy is that it’s quite the opposite - it’s designed to help with nearly every aspect of life, from the seemingly benign to the most devastating.

Why I Chose Counseling?

In my late teenage years, I realised the beauty and magic of combining my passions, psychology and art into a vision. This led me to pursue my Bachelors and then my Masters in Clinical Psychology along with a specialization in Expressive Arts therapy. My passion led me right into my purpose. I have experienced how a therapeutic art process opens up much- needed communication and aids in working out more than just strokes or marks on a piece of paper. The more I learn about this profession, the more I understand the complexity and ever- evolving nature of the human mind.. This profession allows me to not only support clients but, as an individual, grow personally and professionally with each client.

Therapy Style

My therapy style combines components of different therapeutic modalities, and the client’s current situation will determine the course wherein the clients have the autonomy to set their own therapeutic goals. I focus on the development of a collaborative and egalitarian relationship with the client to facilitate self awareness and dialogues that might lead to positive change. My interpersonal style is built around a brief dynamic approach in which we explore the client's history and relationships in order to look for thinking patterns and repeating behaviours that may have been effective at one time but are no longer producing the desired results. In addition, we might explore the root cause, motivation and beliefs about these patterns. This exploration helps in guiding the mutual efforts of the counsellor and the client to identify better options that can lead to more satisfying outcomes. Moreover, I have an interdisciplinary approach and often bring together different art modalities such as movement, drawing, painting, music, writing, sound etc. in a supportive setting to facilitate growth and healing which adds a unique dimension to psychotherapy and counselling. I believe that therapy is not a one-size-fits-all process. I work together with the client to create a personalized approach, blending the tools and concepts that might be relevant and helpful.

Concerns Close To My Heart

I believe there is no threshold that makes our concerns a barrier to counselling. I aim to address the concerns that are affecting one’s mental and physical well-being. Some of the concerns that are close to my heart are relationship issues, stress, anxiety, emotional distress, personal development, confidence, self-esteem, overthinking and parenting.

How I Handle Stress

I believe art has a profound ability to help me through some rough times of my life. No matter how difficult my day is, I know I can brush it all aside with my paint brushes. Dancing is surely the most basic and relevant form of stress reliever. Sometimes, when I’m stressed, I like to listen to music and engage in journaling. On other days, just being surrounded by bountiful nature, rejuvenates and inspires me.

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