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"Solitude is fine but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine." - Honore de Balzac


No one approach is "the right one" so I choose to be open to see which is more effective for the distinctive needs of the clients. I draw a lot from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Principles, Gestalt Therapy and Motivational Interviewing

Her Thoughts on Counseling

Counseling is an inviting space that provides one with the necessary skills and tools to walk through the ebbs and flows of life. The cathartic nature of it is made for one and all, giving the greatest gift of self-awareness which then leads to self-empowerment.

Why I Chose Counseling?

I must have been 14 when my mother introduced me to her long lost love of psychology. Ever since then, I was certain of my major. More often than not, being a good listener is not only about sitting in silence but knowing when and how to break it. It has always been important for me to help people feel heard loud and clear. I found interest in counseling with a desperate need to find compassion for others in different ways than we are taught. Learning about the art of caring gives my life a strong sense of meaning and purpose

Therapy Style

I find it crucial the client knows the ball is always in their court. It is well within their agency to overcome distressing moments. It's only a matter of time until discovering unique strengths and employing them. I attempt to direct the therapy by providing a space of complete acceptance for the client to get in touch with their most vulnerable.

Concerns Close To My Heart

Extending support and help for individuals tackling Depression, Anxiety and Self-Esteem Issues are some concerns I hold close to my heart.

How I Handle Stress

The company of self enables a lot of insight for me on most days. In a stressful situation, I lock myself in the room to do anything or nothing that I want to do. That may include playing the piano, singing, dancing, cleaning up well or mindless scrolling on various meme pages. On days that doesn't work, because healing is cyclical and not linear, I phone my friend(s) and seek reassurance until I'm at ease.

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