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I predominantly use Positive-Psychology Approach, Client-centered Approach, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Her Thoughts on Counseling

We all have our own fights. These fights/struggles can be with ourselves or/and with people around us. Counseling is an important means through which one can identify the reason behind these struggles and become well prepared to overcome them. Like a warrior prepares to win a battle, counseling helps one to face their struggles more effectively. There is an unexplored side that we all have within us. Counseling helps us to reach out to that side.

Why I Chose Counseling?

My answer for this lies in the quote that I strongly stand by- "Misery Is Inevitable, Suffering Is OPTIONAL".

One thing we all must know is that- We do not have control over our external situations/circumstances. There will be highs and lows, success and failures no matter at what level we are. However, there is one thing we can control and that is- choosing how to react towards our miseries. The CHOICE is ours. It has always been, and will ALWAYS be. Thus, I chose this field because I realized that we don't always have to suffer. One can remain calm even amidst the biggest of miseries. Counseling helps us to know what is more important and how to regulate our emotions towards attaining that state.

Therapy Style

My personal favorite and most effective therapy is "Client-Centered Therapy". I strongly believe that the answers a client is looking for are within them. As a Counselor, I would provide them a suitable platform to express themselves without any fear of judgment. Further, helping them to find the scattered pieces they have been seeking.

Concerns Close To My Heart

We all have our own stories. Nobody is a blank slate, and even Counselors have their own concerns to deal with. So when a client comes to me with concerns of Body-Image it does strike a chord with me because I have been through it. I know how deeply it affects a person. Not just the confidence of a person but also his/her relationships, self-worth, life decisions, etc. As I have overcome this myself, I know how effectively I will be able to help my client too.

How I Handle Stress

What works for me is the much needed "ME Time"- some introspection, looking at the bigger picture, and reminding myself that stressing over it is not worthy, but doing something about it is. Other than that I prefer meeting my friend(s), watching a movie, watching my favorite web series "FRIENDS", and going for my boxing session.

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