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Neha Singh

(MA Applied Psychology)

"Never give up!"

Expertise: Relationship, perspective giving, communication, marital conflict, anxiety.

Insights: Expecting "less" would not prevent disappointment. But being rational enough to not expect your every expectation to be met would.

Approach: I prioritise warmth and empathy in my sessions. Preferred approach is client centered that includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused, Positive Psychology and Applied Behavioral Analysis.

Liza George

(MA Clinical Psychology)

"You become what you believe"

Expertise: Relationships, Stress and Anxiety, Self esteem and Confidence, Mild & Moderate Depression

Insights: If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you so unless we try to do something beyond what we have already mastered, we will never grow. Growth and learning is a lifelong process

Approach: I am inclined towards using Eclectic approach comprising of Cognitive Behavioural, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focussed and Person Centred approach in my therapy.

Ms. Shivani Khanna

(Masters in Clinical Psychology)

"I am in love with hope." - Mitch Albom

Expertise: Self-Esteem and Confidence Concerns, Building Life Skills, Relationship & Family Conflicts, Dating and Breakup Concerns, Adjustment Concerns, Overcoming Grief, Dealing with Abuse, Addiction

Insights: No matter how difficult life seems in some moments, it does get better if we have the willingness and courage to make it better. Time and effort in the right direction is all it takes to sail through even in the highest tides.

Approach: An Eclectic Approach comprising of Positive Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Existential Therapy

Sonia Kadam

(Masters in Psychology (Counselling Psychology))

"Happiness is a by-product. Do things to fill your life with it to the brim, and any excess will spill over into the lives of those around you. That is the key to a wealthy mind and a healthy life!"

Expertise: Relationships, Work-life Balance, General Anxiety, Psycho-Sexual Wellness, Self-Confidence and Personality Development, Queer/LGBTQ Counselling

Insights: Healing is linear. At times, even a self-aware, mindful, and emotionally empowered individual may struggle to be content. We may never choose our stresses, but our 3 C's i.e., our Choice to overcome them, clubbed with Conviction and Consistency alongside the support of the 4th C of Counselling are, in my belief, the true determinants of our ability to achieve a better lyf!

Approach: I view concerns through an eclectic lens with a hands-on expertise in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Compassion-focused Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy while being client-centered and solution-focused throughout the course of our conversation.

Sukriti Das

( M.A in Applied Psychology ,Specialization in Clinical Psychology,Diploma in Guidance & Counseling )

"We are our own masters of our faith, change happens when we want it to happen, not before or later."

Expertise: Career, Relationships, Life Skills, Stress & Anxiety, Self Esteem & Confidence

Insights: Misery and pain are temporary visitors in our lives and it is important to realize the Permanency of ones strength to overcome pain. I feel all of us have the capacity to overcome our pain, with just one thought that our strength is permanent and the pain is just temporary, So take responsibility to let go and embrace the strength and not the pain. Be the change you want to see in your life!

Approach:I predominantly use Reality therapy focusing more on here and now, Person centered approaches, Solution focused and REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) in my approach towards healing and therapy.

Ashima Datta

(MA Psychology (Applied Psychology))

"We are just one wilful decision away in order to change our lives"

Expertise: Relationships, Stress and Anxiety, Parenting, Self-esteem and Confidence

Insights: Our thoughts and actions are choices that we make every single day. They play a vital role in shaping our lives and how we perceive the world around us. So, select your thoughts the same way you select your clothes. Take a leap from “When I do this then I will be happy” to “I am happy while doing this”. This is the power I believe we all can cultivate and work towards.

Approach:I predominantly use Person-centered approaches, REBT ( Rational Emotive Behaviour therapy), Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) and Solution Focused approach in my therapy

Ms. Vrinda Pathela

(MA Counseling Psychology)

"If YOU believe in yourself, everyone will"

Expertise: Relationships, Personality, Self-esteem, Confidence, and Motivation

Insights: I predominantly use Positive-Psychology Approach, Client-centered Approach, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Approach:It is quite important that we all believe in ourselves, even when others don't. Most of the times we overlook our own efforts and qualities we possess. We tend to believe in ourselves only when others appreciate us, however, self-inspiration and self-appreciation is the key to self-love!

Nandita Shukla

(M.A Applied Psychology)

"The will to do something is what can turn around our lives."

Expertise: Relationship, Self-confidence, Parenting, Stress and Anxiety

Insights: Sometimes in order to take the road to self-discovery, it is important to take certain risks. It is for your own happiness and peace of mind.

Approach:I predominantly use Solution focused approach, positive psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, and person-centered approaches.

Bhani Hardip Singh

(M.A Clinical Psychology)

"We regret what we didn’t do more than what we did"

Expertise: Relationship, Self-confidence, Parenting, Stress and Anxiety

Insights: It takes a man to hold a truly personal desire to be happy in his struggles and when he overcomes them. It's when all his wishes, his efforts, his dreams, his ambitions are motivated by other men and his need to conform to others that he feels unhappy.

Approach:I predominantly use Solution focused approach, positive psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural therapy, and person-centered approaches.

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