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Next level of Self Help is here  

Dial My Angel is now betterLYF!

In our short but rich journey of 9 months, we traversed across 34 countries spreading happiness, had more than 30,000 conversations bringing smiles, and geared up to be a 24-hour platform to cut across time-zones.


No Appointment

No Travel


We now have local numbers in 4 more countries namely USA, Canada, UK, Australia.


United Kingdom



We cannot thank you enough for all the support and love that you have showered upon us, that makes us even want to do better.

Watch out for our upcoming mental wellness exercises and programs that will make our assistance more accessible and viable.

Our wellness exercises would help identify the underlying concern and build a plan to overcome it by going through step by step activities. You may please check it out here

betterLYF would aim to create a better & a happier tomorrow, for one and all

Happiness Always,



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