Child with Special Needs

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A child is considered a gift of God, a bundle of joy but when the child arrives with a unique challenge then the society makes it seem burdensome for the parents. The child might have to be handled with more sensitivity, care & attention. Everyday such parents manage situations that a regular parent would think are impossible or celebrate small achievements might be considered as normal or even mundane by others. There might be days where nurturing & catering to the needs of the child might leave parents drained, exasperated & frustrated but in such moments, parents can take certain steps which might give them repose:

  • Remember that it's perfectly alright to feel exasperated when one is unsure of what to do. It's not easy as raising a child with special needs comes with its own set of challenges and obstacles but you will learn with time, patience and together with your child
  • Connecting with people who are in the same space - having a support system with parents who are aware and dealing with similar concerns. Maybe you've been so busy taking care of your child's needs, in addition to the rest of the family, that you have not had the opportunity to seek encouragement from those who are traversing a similar path.
  • equipping ourselves with knowledge & information
  • Self care- Parenting is already an exhausting endeavor. But parenting a special needs child takes things to another level of fatigue since the child is fully or more dependent on you for their basic needs, hence it is very important to take some time off to indulge in self love and care
  • Have faith in your abilities as parents to make the best decision for your child