Communicating with Children

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The key to a healthy connection between a parent and child is being able to communicate well. Sharing and listening to your child, needs a patient ear and moreover a mind that wishes to understand what they are trying to convey. Conflicts often arise when both the parties refuse to converse or cannot converse in a healthy manner.
Factors that might influence communication between parents and children are:

  • Approachability of the parents - In many households, one parent is considered to be more approachable than the other
  • Level of openness to discussions and differences of opinions
  • Lack of time- Very often parents might be engaged while juggling different roles and responsibilities be it as professionals, friends, parents, couples etc which might take up all their time and leave them exhausted due to which they are unable to give time to their child
  • Unhealthy patterns of communication
  • Embarrassing the child or rebuking them in front of others will lead only to resentment and hostility and hamper the communication process
  • If a parent keeps pin pointing their child's weaknesses or constantly remind them of their failures then it can be detrimental to the process of communication
  • Showing lack of interest- If a child feels that active interest is being shown in what they have to say then they will be more open and will also feel heard and expressed.

Some of the key points to be kept in mind in order to achieve positive and healthy communication between parents and children are:
  • If conventional mediums of communication i.e. talking does not work, one cay express their feelings through other methods like letters
  • If it's getting difficult for a child to communicate their point of view, he/ she can take the help of a mediator/influencer who can put forth and explain to the parents.
  • If it becomes difficult for the child to approach both parents, they can start by expressing their feelings and thoughts to the most approachable family member
  • Spending quality time together is crucial
  • Acknowledging, accepting and appreciating our children is the pillar to pave way for effective communication and building a strong parent- child relationship