Couple Dynamics and Child-Care

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It is surprising to see how a child, be it the first or the third can change the atmosphere of a couple's relationship. Before a child enters into the picture, they were a couple but now they have the added roles and responsibilities of a parent as well. The dynamics of the relationship between couples might change after the birth of a child. There are pitfalls that parents need to be aware of and be able to manage so as to enjoy parenthood as well as the relationship they share with each other.

  • sleep deprivation
  • lack of intimacy - In a household where both partners are working, it gets difficult to spend quality time with one's spouse. There is no time to even discuss how each other's day went. As soon as one arrives home there is dinner to be taken care of, homeworks to be finished and other prior commitments.
  • adjusting to new responsibilities
  • There might be different viewpoints on how to raise the child which might create conflicts
  • Juggling responsibilities as professionals and parents can get taxing and lead to various issues in the relationship like gaps in communication, taking out frustration on each other etc.

A few strategies that can help both the partners to strike a balance between their roles as couples and as parents are:
  • Seeking help to adjust to this new phase of life can be extremely beneficial
  • Compartmentalize
  • Understanding that parenting is a team effort. The child needs the love, care and support of both the mother and the father equally for a healthy and happy development
  • Keep rituals- Following rituals that one used to even before the arrival of a child is beneficial in keeping the spark alive and reconnect as couples. For example-. Date nights once a month
  • A new study finds couples who share childcare duties have a better quality of relationship as partners.