Generation Gap & Social Media

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Generation gap is a commonly known phenomenon where youngsters feel misunderstood by their parents & elders because of the difference in age group. As they explore the future they strive to cope with this generation gap. It is the difference in social, emotional and cultural beliefs and practices that naturally occurs between two or more subsequent generations. This gap often tends to further create drifts between older parents and their teenage children. . Millennials are the generation of youth today who are discovering the challenges of adulthood and are caught in the constant struggle to strike a balance between the ideologies of the past and the technologies of the future. Social media is fast becoming one crucial factor in this generation gap. It is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Be it Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter or Instagram, there is no dearth of social networking platforms & the majority of users are usually people in the age bracket of 12-45 year olds. Many parents & elders feel out of the loop when their children talk about a newsfeed on Facebook or a tweet. Many of the features and apps leave them scratching their heads in cluelessness. We can learn from our children & rekindle with them if we reignite a newfound sense of curiosity & amazement as we open our minds to the vast digital/online world. With the advent of new technology, and social media exposure, there could come gaps in information and knowledge, when parents may face trouble in monitoring/controlling/balancing the same. Some changes required to resolve such issues include:

  • Mutual respect
  • accommodating attitude
  • Using social media to reconnect with each other- For eg. Staying in touch through Whatsapp, Skype, Facebook
  • communication
  • finding a middle ground where there is a blend between liberating modern values & reconnecting with our traditional roots