Generation Gap

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Generation gap is a commonly known phenomenon where youngsters feel misunderstood by their parents & elders because of the difference in age group. Researcher Levenson observed how millennials are different from their predecessors in not only their stages of development and types of relationships but also there is a large difference in economic opportunities, global competition and education. As they explore the future they strive to cope with this generation gap. It is the difference in social, emotional and cultural beliefs and practices that naturally occurs between two or more subsequent generations. This gap often tends to further create drifts between older parents and their teenage children. Millennials are the generation of youth today who are discovering the challenges of adulthood and are caught in the constant struggle to strike a balance between the ideologies of the past and the technologies of the future. There might be difference of opinions & days where children feel that parents are not open minded or are too old fashioned. "My parents do not understand me/my career choice/lifestyle" are few things that may concern a youngster. With the advent of new technology, and social media exposure, there could come gaps in information and knowledge, when parents may face trouble in monitoring/controlling/balancing the same. Some changes required to resolve such issues include:

  • Mutual respect
  • Communication
  • Accept the Difference
  • Seek to Understand
  • Attempt to Accommodate rather than Change
  • Prioritise the Relationship Above the Differences

The two generations have their own unique experiences and perspectives, they are bound to differ in opinions and point of views regarding various aspects of life such as lifestyle, career choices and much more. So, to accept that the differences are natural and that each has a right to their own belief can help in bridging the generation gap.