Parental Pressures

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All over the world appreciate the parent-child relationship as the most important relationship. It is a bond that instills love, care, and an eternal sense of belongingness. We have always wanted to be perfect parents and we expect our children to grow up in a perfect manner. In the process of defining what that 'perfect' can be, we end up comparing ourselves to others around and get disappointed when the results don't match our expectations As supportive as parents are, there are very many expectations that they tend to keep from their children, which in turn causes them to pressure their kin to study, learn, and function a certain way that is in accordance with what or who they want their child to be. Parental aspirations are what lead to parents expecting their kids to conduct themselves in ways that would compliment and promote their parent's dreams, sometimes at the cost of their own goals and ambitions.
Some factors that can lead to unwanted stress and anxieties in both the parent and the child are:

  • Being pushy
  • compelling the child to live up to the demands of the society today
  • Having unrealistic expectations from children
  • Taking a child's performance as a measure of our capability as parents
Some steps that can iron out the kinks formed by the pressure of being perfect parents and aid in children growing in a healthy manner in all aspects are:
  • Encouragement
  • Healthy interactions
  • Positive Communication
  • Understanding that each parent-child relationship is unique and different