Single Parent

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The concept of 'single parenting' has undergone a lot of stereotypical judgment, and has the tendency to conjure up debates among people. According to a survey based upon the Demographic Statistics of India, a constant rise in the number of single parent families has been observed over the years, with majority being female led. The aspect of being a single parent can turn out to be a challenge for not only the parent but also for their child. It creates a void in their life that needs to be filled with love, care and attention especially if the parent is working. There are a number of reasons that result in single-parent households, with death of the other parent being the most common. Some of its other sources are: divorced parents, children born out of wedlock whose parents refused to marry, parental separation, as well as children adopted by a single woman or man.
The challenges faced by single parents are:

  • Coping with the loss of a partner
  • Explaining the absence of a parent to the child
  • Guilt
  • Playing two roles at a time
  • Financial Stress
  • Decreased self-care
  • Professional- Parent Balance

Some tips that might help a single parent overcome all the aforementioned obstacles faced are:
  • Talking to other single parents
  • Address your child's questions about a missing parent.
  • Form a routine
  • Having a support system helps- Reaching out to family and friends who can baby sit/ take care of children in case of extreme emergencies and also provide support in times of crisis helps to draw strength in unfavorable circumstances
  • Budget your expenses
  • Take care of self
  • Accept and Believe in yourself