Real Life Cases

Case 1: A Session With Counselor Shreya Sharma

It was really very helpful and gave me a different perspective on certain things.. it cleared my mind.. I don't have anyone to listen to me who would understand and I cannot share my feelings or thoughts freely with anyone fearing no reaction or not getting the reaction I would wanna hear, i feel like I am bothering people. But my sessions with you didn't make me feel that way. It's good I could open up..

Thanks a lot for helping me out. :)

Case 2: A Session With Counselor Yukti

I dreaded the thought of sharing my personal problems with someone whom I do not know and of paying through my nose for the same without knowing if it would be useful at all. I used to think that my issues may subside with time. I had hence been avoiding counselling for quite some time. However, far from subsiding, my issues simply got aggravated.

After a lot of search, I came across BetterLYF as an affordable therapy provider. I believe I am very lucky to get in touch with a beautifully positive soul like Dr. Yukti from She is very talented, very patient, very helpful and extremely understanding. Dr. Yukti is a thorough professional. She made me feel very comfortable and I knew I could talk to her about my problems without being judged. She helped me understand my own feelings better. I started feeling good just after the first few sessions. No words can express my gratitude to and specifically to Dr. Yukti.

The therapy is still ongoing and I can already feel a lot of positive changes in me. My only regret is waiting for so long before applying for counselling here.

Case 3: A Session With Counselor Yukti

Since I decided to go for therapy, I have struggled a lot in finding a good therapist. I have consulted Therapists in Mumbai and Indore and all my experiences had left me sore. They were charging me a hefty amount per session and in return of poor service. It seemed to me more like a just a business than a service to help people. I had given up on therapy after this. But issues continued and I had access to only remote-psychotherapy. I am glad I came to BetterLyf and met Yukti.

Therapy has helped me in understanding the underlying emotions very well. Yukti has done a good job in steering me through my emotions through listening to me patiently, asking me thought-provoking questions, giving me time to reflect upon them, and by highlighting the root-cause of the emotions rather than stating the obvious. I am already feeling better even though I have shared only 25% of my problems. I never felt like I am telling my story to yet another friend but to an experienced professional. I will surely recommend Yukti to people in need.

What can be improved is the telephonic service. The line poses a lot of disturbance and unclear voice which breaks the flow and leads to miscommunication. I hope this can be taken care off soon.

Overall, a good experience. Thanks to Yukti and BetterLyf.

Case 4: A Couple Session With Counselor Yukti

Wife Said:

Personally, I like the idea of online counseling especially for a person like me who does not know German language and lives in Germany and could not go to the counselor here. Also, the services in Germany are very expensive. There is another website called regain which is way too expensive and very less responsive. The betterlyf portal is very good and they provide very good service at affordable prices. It was convenient most of the times to get an appointment.

I would like to say that I like her perspective and how she handles our session. It has really helped us a lot in the very short span of time. Her communication skills are very good and how she shows us how and where we went wrong is the very good approach. Other than that How she asks our insight on personal stuff really helps us overcome our fears and stuff all the time. Since it has been just a month I don't know what else I could write.

Husband Said:

I think, you've supported us in every possible way. Ranging from getting to know myself more, understanding the situation from another perspective to convenience in getting appointments/ finding slots on short notice.

Keep up the good work :)

Case 5: A Session With Counselor Yukti

Well my sessions were amazing and i am glad that i took them. It was a pretty hard journey to see through a very different sets of perspective. I discover what i was missing in my life inside me thats my awareness and still progressing on that path. The sessions were amazing without any judgement and ofcourse i was comfortable to share my flaws and mistakes which is the best part. Many of my questions were solved, i stop getting angry often, which was my greatest concern. I am so grateful to the counsellor for treating me very patiently. I would love to suggest as many as people I could to take therapy at betterlyf specially in these hectic schedules and I think its good to connect through chats and phone calls as a person like me who is better comfortable writing emotions rather than expressing them is so wonderful. Its my first time for therapies and i think its healthy for my body and mind.

I would love to continue my journey and will always connect here.

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