Success Stories

Case: Questioning Self Worth Counselor: Yukti

Hello! I had come across Betterlyf while looking for counseling centres online. This being my first experience with counseling, I was assigned to Yukti. Yukti patiently listened to my issues, comforted me in places I broke down and helped me realize things about myself which I had ignored for long. She also pointed out on how the behaviour stayed with me for years. It was very comforting to know there was someone to listen to you without judging. I really want to thank Yukti for being there! The sessions I had really helped me to at least start my journey in a new direction and I hope betterLyf stays with me helping me feel completely alright! I plan to do that soon so that I can with the help of better Lyf and Yukti move towards a less stressful and a happier future!

Case: Lonely Marriage & New Family Counselor: Yukti

Yukti has been more than a therapist for me! I contacted her when I was at a point in life where I had nowhere to go! I mean I needed to confide things in someone who would give me unbiased non-judgemental answers to my questions. She has helped me reach a point in my relationship with my husband where I am falling back in love with again & seeing the world from his end as well! From a point where I felt so helpless Yukti has made me confident enough to talk to people without offending them in any way! I’ve had a therapist before Yukti as well but she would only listen to me but Yukti here realises the situation I am in & even prepares me with the possible outcomes of some of the situations I might face. I can’t thank her enough to be there for me & to prep me for situations i may not be able to handle.

Case: Couple Counseling Counselor: Yukti

Wife's Feedback :- Hello BetterLyf, this is regarding the feedback of Dr. Yukti and your website in general: Personally, I like the idea of online counseling especially for a person like me who does not know German language and lives in Germany and could not go to the counselor here.Also, the services in Germany are very expensive. There is another website called regain which is way too expensive and very less responsive. The betterlyf portal is very good and they provide very good service at affordable prices. It was convenient most of the times to get an appointment. About Dr. Yukti: I would like to say that I like her perspective/approach and how she handles our sessions. It has really helped us a lot in the very short span of time. Her communication skills are very good and how she shows us what and where we went wrong is commendable. Other than that, the way in which she takes our insight on our own personal blocks in relationship has really helped us in overcoming our fears in general.

Husband's feedback :- Hi Yukti, I think, you've supported us in every possible way- Ranging from getting to know myself more, understanding the situation from another perspective to convenience in getting appointments/ finding slots on short notice. Keep up the good work :)

Case: Jealousy In Marriage Counselor: Yukti

Below is my feedback for my sessions with Dr. Yukti from I dreaded the thought of sharing my personal problems with someone whom I do not know and of paying through my nose for the same without knowing if it would be useful at all. I used to think that my issues may subside with time. I had hence been avoiding counselling for quite some time. However, far from subsiding, my issues simply got aggravated. After a lot of search, I came across betterlyf as an affordable therapy provider. I believe I am very lucky to get in touch with a beautifully positive soul like Dr. Yukti from She is very talented, very patient, very helpful and extremely understanding. Dr. Yukti is a thorough professional. She made me feel very comfortable and I knew I could talk to her about my problems without being judged. She helped me understand my own feelings better. I started feeling good just after the first few sessions. No words can express my gratitude to and specifically to Dr. Yukti.The therapy is still ongoing and I can already feel a lot of positive changes in me. My only regret is waiting for so long before applying for counselling here. Really appreciate Dr. Yukti’s help with my problems. If you can – Give her a huge and a bloody big pay raise She is doing an amazing job.

Case: Complicated Breakup & Depression Counselor: Liza

I went through a difficult situation last year, which largely affected my state of mind and my life in general. Therapy helped me gain an outsider and more rational perspective about the events that took place. It helps in changing your line of thought, which is essential at times. Another area it helps in is learning coping skills to face the challenges. Liza helped me in the same by introducing activities I could do to develop the necessary skills. Of course, having someone to talk to about your feelings, fears, etc helps, and Liza has always been understanding and supportive. While therapy is not a one time thing to cure you of mental health problems, it's something that will gradually help you become a stronger person.

Case: Managing Anxiety Counselor: Liza

Therapy helped me to exactly identify unhealthy thought patterns that I was falling into and it suggested alternative healthier and more grounded ways of thinking that I could adopt. I appreciate how counsellor Liza was able to understand the crux of any problem and offer not superficial solutions but those that would address the core problems that would cause distress to me. I feel I have a greater understanding of myself after the sessions and can deal with certain situations better after knowing that they can be managed. I also appreciate that the focus was always on building inner clarity and resourcefulness rather than relying on external sources.

Case: Break up Counselor: Liza

I am thoroughly grateful to you for being a support when there was no one to understand me. Without any judgement and bias, you gave me a support and advice for my well being when I was undergoing a traumatic phase of my life. You clearly understood the situation, my emotions and give advices to enable me to come out of it. Truly, I can say whenever I felt low, you were able to restore my confidence back. Due to the sessions, I regained my sanity and confidence. Most importantly, I wanted someone to understand me without any judgement and give me advice for the betterment.

Case: Conflict with family Counselor: Shreya

It has been really wonderful to work with Shreya Sharma for me. In a short period i felt comfortable to open up to her issues i did not really even think as issues. She has helped me be rational about it. I feel she is non judgmental which is very important for me and thus helping me feel safe to open up to her.

Case: Anxiety, Panic Attacks & OCD Counselor: Shreya

Hey, I'm a Graphic Design student and I suffer from anxiety and OCD. And I was screwed. My mind played games with me in all different ways and it became impossible for me to handle it. Nobody used to take what I felt seriously and it was just another 'mood swing' for a lot of people. But for me it became a lifestyle! It's so easy to say 'it's okay', 'stay strong', 'it's probably nothing', 'hey, i think you're overreacting'.
I knew I was going crazy and I knew I needed help! I went through various websites and links and came through betterlyf. With shivering hands and a very uncertain frame of mind, i booked the sessions. It felt weird to accept the fact that I need professional help for this.
But click click click, it changed my life. Dr. Shreya is my therapist and I love her! She's sweet and easy to talk to! She gave me a lot of techniques that help me through the worst phase of my life, and I'm sure with further therapies, I'm gonna turn my life around! There was a point in life where I had completely given up and accepted this lifestyle. But then who would lile to live like this, right?
Dr. Shreya is an amazing therapist and I'm sure an even better person at heart, because i genuinely truly feel, only a pure soul can actually understand the pain of others. I had such stupid questions to ask, and I used to ask her again and again, and without any judgement she answers to all my doubts with the same patience as my first session. I am very grateful to betterlyf and to Dr. Shreya for helping me turn my life around.

Case: Social anxiety Counselor: Shreya

I was suffering from depression for a while and had almost hit the rock bottom. But I am really thankful to Better Lyf to have allotted an amazing person like Ms. Shreya Sharma as my Counselor. She is a very Patient listener who listens to each and every issue and reciprocates it cordially. It feels more like chatting with a friend than a counselor.
Right after couple of constructive meetings of deep discussion she identified my root cause of depression, which was ‘Social Anxiety’.
She came up with some very interesting methods like Downward Arrow Technique and CBT which I feel were very effective in addressing my issues.
The methods were so evidently effective that the people around me started noticing difference in my behavior and confidence levels.
Even though I am still in middle of my course I already notice difference in my feelings from negative to positive for which I am immensely thankful to her and looking forward to the future sessions.
I am very much sure that she has all best wishes and blessings from all those whose lives she has healed and will be healing in future with her methods.
And I wish God from bottom of my heart to give her strength to pull out more and more lives out of the abyss into bright light of Life. Best wishes Thank You!!
Best Wishes! Thank You!!!

Case: Trust issues in relationship Counselor: Shreya

At the outset I was slightly sceptical about the idea of therapy. I was entering into my first serious relationship and I was noticing that I could not trust my partner. My reasons for mistrust were unfounded and ludicrous to say the least.
It was at that time I decided to seek help. I do not regret the decision one bit. It has helped me to form a stronger and more emotionally stable bond with my partner. Therapy helped to get to the root cause of the problem and also how to deal with different situations which came up.
I am really thankful to Shreya as she has held my hand every step of the way. My only regret is that I didn’t seek help earlier.

I hope this speaks a mouthful.

Case: Enhancing Confidence Counselor: Nandita

Betterlyf has been an important part of my process of dealing with life for sometime now. Ms. Nandita has been an immense support and a great counsellor in that process. Our sessions have had a great impact on me and have made an immense difference in my life. I feared going to any kind of sessions or talking to anyone. But thanks to her I feel comfortable doing that and now feel that it's an integral part of dealing with everything.

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