Love is a verb.

It’s a doing word. A happy relationship, romantic or otherwise, is like a plant that needs nurturing in order to grow to its full potential. And ‘love is enough’ doesn’t always work!

For our relationships to flourish - we need less of magnum-opus pop-cultural expectations and more mindful dedication. But our busy schedules and struggles for survival leave little time and energy for us to be at our best behavior all the time!

It’s natural for all relationships to hit a rough patch from time to time. Family bonds may deteriorate, friends might drift apart, and romantic relationships may reach a bitter end due to unresolved hurt, unmet needs, disappointment, and unrealistic expectations that cause pain and build resentment.Counseling for relationships helps heal this trauma.

With relationship counseling, you can build a skillset of behaviors that help you build fulfilling bonds. We’ll show you how:

Behavourial Skills
A Healthy Relationship

The following 4 things are the bedrock of a fruitful relationship:



A stable relationship requires stable mental moods


A Sense of Security

Finding your/Becoming a loved one’s safe space

Behavourial Skills
A Healthy Relationship

The following 4 things are the bedrock of a fruitful relationship:


Active Communication

Inculcating the courage to say how you feel in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone


Healthy Boundaries

‘Me time’ and ‘Their Time’ both go a long way!

Yes, when love is not able to conquer all, it’s time to turn to a qualified savior.

Because letting go of a relationship over temporarily unmanageable differences makes no sense in the longer run.

BetterLyf Relationship Experts are masters in the subject of human-heart psychology!

They spend their waking hours rigorously researching, training, and creating practical solutions to help people like you grow in their relationships.

So far our experts have had more than half-a-million healing and anonymous conversations with people who are:

Join 500,000 Healing Conversations at BetterLYF

My Counselor helped me rekindle my family relationships and I think I got my confidence which I thought was lost somewhere. THANK YOU so much BetterLYF.

- Purvi Signh

The sessions really helps to vent out Counsellor was patient enough to listen, analyse, and help me find the solution. Now I know what I want in my relationship.

- Vishakha

I can't thank my counselor enough! I thought my marriage had died. She helped me save it and worked as a push factor to break the walls I had created. I am much happier now!

- Vandna Sen

What Healing Looks Like With BetterLYF

Once your sessions begin, you will:

Be empowered with fresh ideas

You’ll learn to identify patterns and look at old problems from the point of view of tried and tested successful solutions

Begin to turn Needs into an adventure

You’ll learn to manage both your own and the needs of your loved one with fun and grace

Upgrade the way you communicate

Listening can be rewarding if done with the correct state of mind. Your sessions will help you achieve said state-of-mind. This also helps the right words to come out at the right time

Learn To Set Polite Boundaries

Too much of a good thing tends to go sour. When you have your designated ‘me’ and ‘them’ times charted out - your ‘together times’ become full of love

Master Conflict Resolution

A relationship without conflict is like a coffee shake without milk! Disagreements help you open new doors in a relationship - if dealt with correctly. They also keep your bond from going stale. Counseling is of great help here. The benefits will show even in your work-life



Mental Health


How Does Online Relationship Counseling Work?


Your counselor starts by creating a non-judgemental, therapeutic safe space for you to share your concerns freely with them.


Your confidential conversations with your counselor help them understand and empathize with your specific situation


BetterLyf Relationship Experts are trained to use the art of conversation to identify your triggers and stressors


Turbulent relationships can get too overwhelming. Unresolved issues cause you to procrastinate. Relationship advice helps you with challenging this pattern, thereby increasing your motivation, and breaking your goals into smaller achievable milestones


You’d start noticing changes after a few sessions. You’d be able to identify triggers, to implement relaxation techniques, and to challenge unproductive thought patterns


Oftentimes, stress & anxiety are clubbed with other issues like lack of self-confidence, self-doubt, poor decision-making skills... Your counselor takes up these concerns one at a time as you progress, bringing lifestyle changes in your routine such as improving sleep hygiene, developing an exercise routine to bring about change holistically


The aim of your relationship counselor is to empower you in your journey of overcoming stress and anxiety. It is recommended to have 10-12 sessions to have lasting changes

Join 500,000 Healing Conversations at BetterLYF

To be honest I never thought that our relationship would go back to normal. Thanks to you I could see some changes in my husband as well. We are getting back together stronger.

- Pulkit Gaur

The sessions until now have been really helpful to understand myself and get a better idea of how to cope with a lot of my issues. I would recommend therapy to everyone.

- Gaytri

I can't tell you how grateful I am for our counseling sessions. Yours was the only sane advice I received in a maelstrom of ugly and confrontational

- Neeraj

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