Romance is beautiful, and exposes us to many wonderful experiences. That said, life is not always about walking over a petal of roses. The constant desire to be accepted at all times, as well as the possibility of rejection can lead one to feel insecure, which may further generate trust issues. Lots of people resolve to enter into relationships, cultivate an exciting social life, and deepen connections as their New Year's Resolutions. In order to create and deepen connections, it is key to be practical about ways to enter into new relationships and improve current ones.
When we're too idealistic about our love lives and social lives, we can forget the simplest ways to make our relationships better. Sometimes it's as simple as spending time grabbing coffee with an old friend or your so. Sometimes it's as as simple as purchasing a small, inexpensive token of appreciation. It's the little things that speak more loudly over time.
If you are comparing intentions and setting goals in your relationships, goals can create more pressure and intentions can create more peace. Being intentional about manifesting loving, harmonious relationships will often create a more relaxed feeling than aggressive goal setting. If you are setting timelines for your social and relationship goals, be gentle yourself and create a balance of realistic goals and intentions that bring you inner peace. When your goals start stressing you out, it actually takes much longer for them to manifest. So, work towards getting organized in your schedule while not overanalyzing the time-clock for your goals.
Efficient communication, efforts to spend quality time together, as well as holding a deep understanding of how the other person feels will help one build a strong and fulfilling bond of love.