Family Bonds

Family is where life begins and love never ends. Each family has their unique style of communication, bonding, and behavior towards its members. Conflict can happen when family members have different views or beliefs that clash. Sometimes conflict can occur when people misunderstand each other and jump to the wrong conclusion. Issues of conflict that are not resolved peacefully can lead to arguments and resentment.
It is normal to disagree with each other from time to time. Occasional conflict is part of family life. However, ongoing conflict can be stressful and damaging to relationships. Some people find it difficult to manage their feelings and become intentionally hurtful, aggressive or even violent.
Communicating in a positive way can help reduce conflict so that family members can reach a peaceful resolution. This usually means that everyone agrees to a compromise or agrees to disagree. If you just can't find a way to compromise and get past family conflict, you might find you have to 'agree to disagree'. You can have your own opinions, based on your own experience, beliefs and values - whether or not you accept your parents', guardians' or carers' views is up to you. Sometimes, strong emotions or the power imbalances that can be present in relationships are difficult to resolve and can only be addressed in a counselling situation.However, conflicts arising due to difference in opinion, generation gap, or lack of communication are a part and parcel of family life. Untying knots between family members, mutual respect, effective communication, as well as individual space can help us sustain happy and healthy bonds within the family.