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How to improve self esteem and how to improve self confidence are two commonly asked questions by individuals around the world. Self esteem and confidence are used interchangeably by many, but vary in nature. While self esteem defines your attitude towards yourself by virtue of self-reflection, self confidence deals with how we perceive our abilities in particular situations. A person high on self-esteem may still wonder how to get self confidence during certain events. Therapy for low self esteem helps in achieving personal growth through self love and development which in turn facilitates in building self esteem. Self esteem group counseling can also help in improving self esteem. Self esteem therapy provides individuals with ways to improve self esteem. Self esteem group activities help in overcoming low self esteem.

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  • Challenges faced during public speaking
  • Performance pressure
  • Self doubt
  • Stress experienced while trying to gain acceptance
  • Loss of our own happiness while trying to please others

Enhance Confidence

Image is an integral aspect of our personality. Especially during our teenage years and youth, we may tend to focus on our flaws more than thinking about what’s good and unique about us. We also overlook the beauty that lies in being differentand one of a kind. Celebrating our individuality can help us improve our self-image.

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Interaction with Opposite Sex

Interactions with opposite sex may not come very naturally to us. We may feel shy, nervous or intimidated when we have to interact with the opposite sex. These feelings usually originate from an underlying unfamiliarity or fear of being judged, disliked or rejected. To be happy and confident, it's important to feel good about who we are. Gradual exposure can help build comfort and confidence.

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Inferiority Complex

We have all gone through phases where we weren’t fully confident of our abilities and have felt smaller than others. Alternatively, we may experience excessive confidence and feel superior to others. Both of these complexes are natural. With a little help, we can manage these and try to avoid the stress that follows.

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Overcome Self-Doubt

We all have those inner voices that tell us we are not good enough, not strong enough for doing things we dream of. Self-doubt is one of the major obstacles to living the life we truly deserve. This is that unhealthy food for the soul that drags down our spirit and leads to stress and anxiety. Believing in self is one of many steps towards happiness.

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Personality Development

“Personality is to a man, what perfume is to a flower”.Developing, grooming and enhancing one’s inner and outer self brings about a positive change in one’s life. A powerful and well-rounded personality accelerates success and popularity in all walks of life

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Impact on Relationships

When we feel that we are not good enough, our insecurities start to rise making it hard for us to believe that a loving partner actually chose us for who we are. This further cumulates into feeling of inadequacy and may lead to jealousy and dissatisfaction. Before loving anyone else, we must learn to love ourselves and feel sufficient.

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It is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. Being picked on and made fun of is a troubling experience and one’s self-esteem and confidence take a hit when bullied. Intervention and support by teachers, peers and parents can make a huge difference.

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Sibling Rivalry

The most common byproduct of having a sibling (especially a biological one), is the ‘conflict’ aspect of it. Just how siblings are as good as engineered to conflict amongst themselves, sometimes, this may lead to one of both of them experiencing acute stress. By sharing your thoughts and feelings about it, you will not only feel better, but will also come to realize that it is nothing but a part and parcel of life.

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Interaction with Opposite Sex

It’s not easy approaching a person of the opposite sex as there is a pressure of making a good first impression and a lack of familiarity. We play out a lot of scenarios in our heads – What if the person thinks I’m not interesting enough. What if I make a fool of myself?. Being liked by the other person becomes a matter of utmost importance. Self confidence plays a very important role in such situations.

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Body Image

In a world where appearances are taken as a vital parameter of judgment & evaluation, consciousness and stress pertaining to body image is inevitable. It is the need of the hour to learn to accept how we are & stop validating ourselves by our outward appearances. We are so much more than what meets the eye.

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Peer Pressure

Our peer group values and attitudes influence, more strongly than do family values. They are an important influence in adolescence and sometimes it’s natural to behave in certain ways just to fit in. In the process we may lose our self and forget thatwe are the best version of ourselves. We can reduce its affect by believing that we are unique.

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