Inferiority Complex

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At times, it is natural for us to lack self-worth, doubt our abilities, and feel inferior in comparison to others. It can sometimes be a blessing in disguise to feel inferior because in a way it can help to move forward in life. The striving for superiority causes inferiority as well as helps in overcoming it. It is alright if there is some control over the feeling of inferiority and it occurs within a certain limit. When the feeling of inferiority occurs too often and becomes persistent, then it may lead the person to develop an inferiority complex.
Inferiority complex makes an individual feel worthless and instills within him/her a sense of hopelessness. The person begins to feel that he/she lacks certain qualities and is inferior to others with respect to those qualities. Due to an inferiority complex, the normal feelings of incompetence get exaggerated, and the individual feel that it is impossible to achieve goals and/or have certain abilities.If inferiority complex becomes too overwhelming and lasts for a longer period of time, there is a possibility that it may engulf the person in such a strong way that it changes into superiority complex. In superiority complex, the individual feels that a good way to overcome inferiority is to make others feel inferior and thus become superior.
To overcome inferiority complex, one must develop a level of self-awareness. It enables the person to know himself/herself in a much better way. Recognize one's strengths and weaknesses and working accordingly helps us overcome with these feelings and achieve what we aim for.

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