Often we perceive more than just biological differences between the two sexes. Both males and females see the opposite sex as an alien species which seems fascinating to them yet mysterious. As children when the differences of the sexes are still to be registered we tend to easily approach and interact with our opposite sex peers but as we grow up we develop our apprehensions.

Striking conversations or maintaining relationships with people of the opposite sex may not come naturally to all of us. Though, there are significant differences in the mannerisms, behaviour and emotional patterns of the opposite sex one needs to remember that they are individualistic. The probabilities of spotting differences may be same as that of spotting similarities, once two individuals of the same or the opposite sex start interacting.

Unfamiliarity, as well as the fear of being judged, rejected or disliked often increases our apprehensions and impacts our interaction. Having little exposure with the opposite sex might increase the negative anticipations and anxiety while interacting and a gradual exposure can help us feel more comfortable and confident. Stereotypes related to each sex might lead us to anticipate behaviour which might not be actually be true. Hence, exploring for oneself through multiple interactions enables us to better understand the opposite sex.

Also having a positive self perception helps in building confidence in oneself and being able to interact with people freely. Often, interacting with the opposite sex more confidence than when interacting with same sex individuals.

Introducing Our First Self-Help Book

"She had become so cold overnight, I couldn't believe she wasn't coming back this time. I didn't know what to do, what to say to make things okay anymore. If only I could say the right things maybe Preeti would have stayed."

With this book, we bring you several real stories. Few are a reflection of first-hand or vicarious experiences, others are inspired by break up cases helped by the counsellors at BetterLYF.

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