Overcome Self Doubt

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At times, our own inner voices cause us to lack confidence in ourselves and our abilities. Self-doubt can become a major barrier between us and our dreams, and is unhealthy for our wellbeing.Self-Doubt is the tendency to be uncertain about or doubt one's own decision. It is something we all experience at some point of our life. Even the ones who are full of confidence, experience moments where they tend to doubt the decisions they've made. As humans we have our own abilities and perceptions which we use as tools to assess situations and make decisions yet when we stumble upon contradictory views and experiences of others, we are tossed into a turmoil of doubt.
Self-Doubt acts like a speed breaker in our growth, and makes us discount our own potential. Low self-confidence lowers one's belief that we are capable of fulfilling our set goals, making right decisions or performing as per the expectations.The feelings of weakness or incompetence stem from childhood and become ingrained in our very being. Researcher Bruce W. Tuckman found that those who believe in themselves perform better, and even outperform their own expectations, while those having self doubts underperform. At times it may seem as though the negative voices in your head are stronger than the positive voices. Trying to be aware of this when it happens, and making a concerted effort to counteract these negative thoughts with positive energy can help us deal with self-doubt. Simply reminding our self about the things we like about our self, our strengths, and all of the things we have achieved in our life and are proud of can be beneficial.