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Break-up The image that we hold of ourselves forms an integral part of our personality. It is the way we perceive ourselves, the way we look and what we are capable of. As teenagers and young adults in particular, we start focusing more on our flaws and weaknesses, and end up overlooking the beauty that lies in our uniqueness.
Often we need to be reminded that beauty is a subjective perception of each individual, and may mean different things for different individuals. Celebrating our individuality can help us improve our self image.
Having a low self image may not only lowers our confidence and hinders our performance, also causes feelings of inadequacy, shyness and insecurities. Understanding and accepting ourselves helps us deal with such feelings and grow out of them.
Also we tend to undermine our achievements and overlook our little victories in life while setting others as standards. Acknowledging and appreciating our efforts irrespective of the results, is essential and helps us build faith in ourselves, find motivation for future and hence grow as an individual.
Individuals are a combination of various aspects of their physical and psychological self are unique in their existence. There is no standard combination which defines a perfect individual, and even if so were the case everyone would then strive to be identical and no one would stand out. Hence it is through our differences that we stand out among the population of billions.

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