Distraction is anything that prevents us from concentrating on one thing. We generally face problems in concentrating and retaining because we are focusing on many things at a time. It hinders our productivity and can hamper our career in long run. Learning how to have a balanced schedule and staying focused can get us back on track. You take some time to get back to anything after a state of distraction, causing sheer wastage of time and non-productivity.
Brain cannot process two complex tasks simultaneously, thus hindering both of the things that you might want to manage to do. Thus continuous distractions may not give us the outcome we want to achieve.
There are many factors contributing today because of plethora of distractions that people face. It could be:

  • Social media- the constant use of social media platforms and the urge to know what is happening around may serve as the most popular distraction we have today.
  • Social groups over text- We face constant distraction over messages received by our social groups. Best way, is to mute or silent when you need to work or study. You can always switch it back when you are done with your schedule.
  • Digital overload- We have constant email alert, software notification, gadget update, etc.
  • Over-thinking- One may have a tendency to over think, or to let their minds wander off to different domains of life.
There are several ways through which you can deal with the daily distractions of life that are acting like hurdles in achieving the productivity in your career or your academics:
  • Know your priority- Whenever you are distracted; remind yourself the priority of your present time. Talk it aloud to yourself whenever you feel distracted.
  • Take breaks to invest time in other things like browsing internet, social media etc. When you know you have allotted yourself a break to do things that distract you, you may expend lesser time in them.