Fear of Missing Out

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Due to our dependency over the internet in today's time, it is normal today for people to get extremely panicky and frustrated if they are not able to access it for any reason whatsoever imagining it as a part of our social development. Anxiety arising out of the possibility that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere is known as the 'Fear of Missing Out' or 'FOMO'.
Fear of Missing out or FOMO refers to the feeling of "anxiousness that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere from which one is absent."It is characterized by a desire to continuously stay connected with what others are doing. According to a recent survey conducted by MyLife.com 56% of Social Media Users suffer from FOMO. About 27% of participants flock to social sites as soon as they wake up. It is good to be aware of what is happening around the globe, but one must remember to not over think about it in order to enjoy their lives in a fulfilling manner.
Taking a reality check which contradicts our thoughts of everyone else around us is leading a glamorous life than us and enjoying the joy of missing out than constantly keeping a tab over what everyone else is showing that they are doing and stressing over it would help us connect with the environment around us in a better way which includes our family, friends or learning to spend time excluding the ones counted for checking notifications and looking around and having a look at what it actually is like around us. Striking a balance between the time spent on social media and time spent without it is very important to understand the concept of why social media has come to being and the sole usage which is way basic in nature than the amount of attention it gets of yours!