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Why is it that we tend to be reluctant towards accomplishing a task which is urgent and often move towards tasks which are pleasurable or less urgent? Another big issue that can be attributed to the rise in internet and social media usage is our ability to delay or postpone an urgent task which is termed as procrastination.
It is almost an epidemic affecting a large mass of people who would rather sit and surf the internet and social media than do their assigned task due to the obsession of constantly keeping a tab over what is happening online and upgrading our profiles as if the results would define us to be something very powerful or significant in the eyes of other people. The more we procrastinate, the stronger our drive to procrastinate gets. Although the time spent in a pleasurable task is not wastage but it certainly is from an individual's standpoint as the urgent task in hand takes a back seat and the pleasurable ones take precedence. Missing deadlines are very common when you are procrastinating more often.
Procrastinating against one task disrupts our schedule for the whole day. While we are investing time in things which are not rewarding by any means, we are eating up the time we would require to finish other important/urgent tasks.
Apportioning the time we have during the day and setting our priorities straight can help us manage things more effectively by maintaining a daily schedule, breaking down bigger tasks, setting reminders, eliminating things that are very likely to distract you and rewarding yourself after accomplishing tasks can be your elixir to eliminate procrastination. Objectifying the whole idea of what happens on social media is only limited to entertainment and to connect with people who we are unable to see on a daily basis like friends and our loved ones or meeting new people can be been some stipulated amount of time can help us get over our habit of pushing our "to-dos list" away!