Social Media Impact

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At present, social media has, in one way or another reached over 2 billion people worldwide, which means that a large chunk of individuals around the globe are prone to getting impacted by it one way or another. While on one hand, social media has managed to be evolutionary in terms of its positive effects, on the other hand, it also has certain negative impacts due to which the relationships that we share with those around us tend to get affected.Social media has become a part & parcel of our daily lives be it

  • Work
  • Feedback on Products and Services
  • Seeking Employment
  • Interacting with friends/family across the globe
  • Romantic relationships
  • Connecting to professionals
  • Physical Well-being- people who are active social media networkers are 18% more likely to hit the gym, visit a health club, or undertake some form of physical workout
  • Updating ourselves of the latest news of the happenings around the world

It has made the whole world available to us on our fingertips and has brought a dramatic change to the way we communicate, shop, learn and experience. Conversely, just like every coin has two sides, social media also has hidden perils such as:
  • Distraction- With various brands and fashion houses promoting thinness, individuals around the globe experience dissatisfaction with the way they look.
  • Procrastination- Delayed tasks and errands because we were preoccupied with Facebook,
  • Snapchat, Instagram
  • Increase in narcissism
  • Body Image Issues- Development of body image issues among people. With various brands and fashion houses promoting thinness
  • Cyberbullying- It may involve sending of nasty or threatening texts, setting up social networking profiles of another person to poke fun or defame them, harassing somebody on a social networking platform through repeated messaging, sending of sexually explicit content
  • Fear of Missing Out- Focussing on happenings around us rather than enjoying the present moment
  • Social Comparison-

All we have to remember for usage of any platform, balance holds the key.