Social Validation

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With everyone we know being present over social media, it has become common for us to seek approval of those within our social networks online - be it in regard to our appearance, education, friend circle, or lifestyle as a whole. Pressure to be accepted socially and celebrated can be too much to handle, and can adversely affect the self-esteem of many social media users.
You may seek social connectivity, acceptance and approval, and can do so more often than when face to face. By constantly comparing themselves to apparently perfect images online, social media users whose self-confidence is lacking can become more anxious or depressed over what others seem to have and they don't. That nagging feeling of not being able to measure up will only lead to less self-confidence and an erosion of self-worth. As a result, we end up losing ourselves while trying to fulfill our need to gain acceptance online.
It is thus very important to believe that the worth of an individual is way bigger than what we perceive it to be. Therefore we can take initiatives of unplugging from this world for a break where we do not have to think about what is happening at that corner where everyone has gone up to a level of competition of who's looking better or perfect or doing great fun in life which was earlier introduced to stay connected with people.
The number of likes and ratings are being taken to a level of attention which is already very superficial in their own forms. Imagine a day, which is really, really special to you and you post about it on Facebook, you received 10 likes from some people who wouldn't even want to know the reason behind why is it special yet you are disappointed by the fact that you just got a ten and not more than that. The day would have been equally special if the idea of how many hit a "like" hadn't invaded your thoughts. Social media is not real life! Don't let your looks, feelings and experiences get measured and validated by some unnecessary means. They don't define you!