Financial Stress

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We all, at some point or the other in our lives have been faced with monetary stress wherein we have had to keep budget constraints over prolonged periods of time. Concerns regarding one's finances have even caused conflicts within couples and family members, and has managed to give rise to a disturbed environment at home. The theory, 'money can't buy happiness' is valid, but only to a certain extent; because in order for us to survive and lead a healthy life, it is important that we remain free of distressing situations brought about by lack of financial resources. As much as we would want to ignore this fact, financial stress affects more than our wallet.
Various researches conducted over the years have proven monetary distress to be linked to sleep problems, anxiety and a variety of undesirable emotions. Other accompanying factors such as the fear of uncertainty and judgement, reducing levels of self-esteem and confidence, lack of self-belief, as well as lower perseverance tend to keep us in an infinite loop of stress. All of these factors go on to becoming barriers in our way of trying to achieve that much required work-life-balance.
Certain ways in which one can take initiative to overcome this phase are: acceptance towards your situation in order to look at prospect solutions in a calm manner, identification and evaluation of one's chief concerns, using liquid money over our credit/debit cards to be more alert while spending, and understanding the difference between our desires and our requirements among others. It is also important for us to realise that not everything that concerns us is within our control. By focusing on the things that are within our circle of control instead can help us deal better with such distressful phases, because only a healthy mind can generate a healthy solution.